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Bobby "Gator" McKlusky (Burt Reynolds) is serving time in an Arkansas prison for running moonshine when he learns his younger brother Donny was murdered and that Sheriff J.C Conners (Ned Beatty) was the one behind it. Gator knows the sheriff is taking money from local moonshiners, so he agrees to go undercover for the Feds and try to expose the sheriff. He gets a job running moonshine with Roy Boone (Bo Hopkins) and starts having an affair with his girlfriend Lou (Jennifer Billingsley). Eventually, when the sheriff discovers Gator is working for the Feds and sends his enforcer Big Bear (Armstrong), Gator decides to go after the sheriff in an epic car chase finale.

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Joseph Sargent

Burt Reynolds as Gator McKlusky
Jennifer Billingsley as Lou
Ned Beatty as Sheriff J.C. Connors
Bo Hopkins as Roy Boone
Matt Clark as Dude Watson
Louise Latham as Martha Culpepper
Diane Ladd as Maggie
R. G. Armstrong as Big Bear
Conlan Carter as Deputy
Dabbs Greer as Pa McKlusky
Lincoln Demyan as Warden
John Steadman as Skeeter
Iris Korn as Ma McKlusky
Stephanie Burchfield as Jenny
Barbara Muller as Louella

/ Crime
/ Drama

Release Date:
1973 -->

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